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Premier Small Animal Sitting Services in Hong Kong
Birds, Rabbits, Parrots, Hamsters, Chameleons, Lizards, Turtles, Fish & More

Furrenz Pet Sitters is delighted to provide our award-winning pet care services, including specialized sitting for small animals. Our dedicated team of pet care professionals is trained to provide top-notch care for a variety of small pets, including birds, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, chameleons, lizards, turtles, and fish. Understanding the unique needs and care requirements of these diverse animals, we ensure they receive the attention, love, and specialized care they deserve right in the comfort of their own homes.

Founded by Viola Leung and Philip Chau in 2013, Furrenz Pet Sitters has grown to become a trusted name in pet care across Hong Kong. Our commitment to excellence in small animal care is driven by a passion for all pets’ well-being, offering pet owners a reliable and compassionate alternative to traditional pet care solutions.

What are Included in Our Overnight Pet Sitting Services

  • Birds: From canaries to parakeets, our bird sitters provide the care and attention your feathered friends need.
  • Rabbits: Expert rabbit sitters ensure your bunny is happy, healthy, and hopping.
  • Parrots: Skilled parrot sitters offer engaging playtime and interaction, keeping your colorful companions stimulated.
  • Hamsters: Our hamster sitters know just how to handle these tiny, energetic pets.
  • Chameleons & Lizards: Specialized care for your reptiles, ensuring they have the right environment and diet.
  • Turtles: Turtle sitting services that cater to both aquatic and terrestrial species.
  • Fish: Attentive care for your aquarium, from feeding to tank maintenance.

Customized Small Animal Care in Hong Kong

Comfortable Surroundings

Our service ensures your birds, rabbits, hamsters, or other small animals are in their own environment, avoiding the stress of boarding facilities.

Health and Safety

With in-home care, we minimize exposure to illnesses, ensuring your parrots, chameleons, turtles, fish, and all little ones are safe and well.

Personalized Care

From bird sitting to rabbit and hamster sitting, we offer tailored attention to meet the unique needs of each small pet.

Seamless Service

Enjoy peace of mind with regular updates from our dedicated small animal sitter, including complimentary home maintenance tasks.

What are Included in Our Small Animal Sitting Services

Our comprehensive small animal sitting services in Hong Kong are designed to provide everything your pet needs for a happy and healthy experience in your absence, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being is our top priority.

  • Feeding & Changing: Water Ensuring your pet stays hydrated and nourished with fresh water and their specific dietary needs met.
  • Complimentary Animal Medication: Administration of any required medication, with no additional charge.
  • Engaging Playtime: Interactive and enjoyable playtime sessions tailored to your small pet’s preferences and requirements.
  • Daily Updates with Photos: Receive updates and adorable pictures of your small pet, keeping you connected while you’re away.
  • Extended Home Care Services: Complimentary care for your home, including watering plants, collecting mail, and taking out the garbage.

Pricing for Small Animal Pet Sitting in Hong Kong

Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate the varied needs of small animal owners, offering flexible durations for our sitting services:

Small Animal Sitting Service DurationRates
30 min$160
45 min$180
60 min $200
90 min$220
120 min $240
Beyond 120 min$240 for the first 120 min, plus $95 for each additional 60 min


  • Additional Animals: The charges apply for small animal sitting for up to 2 pets, with each additional pet incurring a $15 fee.
  • Public Holidays: Services during general public holidays incur an additional 50% day charge (excluding normal weekends). 
  • Travel Surcharge: No charge for locations where the total return travel cost is under $20; for locations exceeding this cost, only the difference is charged

Testimonials: Why Pet Owners in HK
Trust Our Small Animal Care Services


“We used Furrenz pet sitters service while we were away on our business trip for 24 days. We were very happy with her professionalism and care, detail update everyday with photos/ video. Our cats look great with no stressed when we back home. I recommend Furrenz Pet sitters to anyone in need!”



“We felt our two bunnies were in professional and caring hands during our holiday. The updates and pictures made us happy every evening. It will be easy to trust Furrenz Pet Sitters again next time we’re away.”



“You can trust Viola, she does a great work and i will call her again next time i’ll go in holidays!”



“Our sweet Brenda we miss you thank you so much Furrenz Pet Sitters for taking such a great care of our furry baby.”



“Very thankful this few days your attentive care for them.”



“I found Furrenz Pet Sitters online. And the response was very fast from the founder Viola, who is totally hand-on. She managed to find me a lovely girl Ms Chloe to dog sit my dog. I feel she loves dog very much and she is very entertained herself in sitting and playing with my dog. And I also love the fact that the dogsitter constantly sent me pictures of my dogs while playing, sleeping and walking. It keeps me knowing the interaction of the dogsitter with my dog. I would have no hesistation to recommend Furrenz Pet Sitters to any friends who would like the peace of mind of his/ her dog being looked after and pampered and loved while he/she is away to work or holiday. And the dog is not under any stress as no need to move to a unfamiliar environment like dog hotel.”



“Thanks Viola so much for looking after Prince and Winter while we were out for trip. This was the first time we left the two cats for consecutive days. We could fully enjoy our time without worrying Prince and Winter. We were so delighted to see that they were in good mood and our apartment was in good shape when we returned home. I am sure they had a good time with you.”



“I’m so happy Furrenz Pet Sitters were able to take care of Tuna and Mo Sun Sun while we were away on our trip. Tuna and Mo Sun Sun eats wet food, they are slow eaters (takes more than half an hour), and would want to eat each others’ food (Tuna eats veterinary prescribed food), so Viola would need to watch over them while they eat. In addition, Tuna needs to take medication twice everyday, and both of their eyes and mouths need to be wiped clean as it tends to get dirty easily. A lot of effort and patience are needed in order to take care of them. I’ve spent a lot of time researching for a pet sitter and I’m so glad I finally found Furrenz Pet Sitters. The most important thing is they can come twice a day and can choose 90 mins per visit. While on our trip Viola would always send us updates with pictures, so we can totally relax and enjoy our time away. I’m surprised to receive one of the pictures show them with their bellies up, proving that they are really comfortable with Viola and has taken care of them well. We also found our place clean and in good shape when we got back. I’m really happy and satisfied with their service.”

Jenny and Zoe


“Just wanted to say Huge Thanks to Viola for looking after my babies Dash and Tish. It is so nice to be able to enjoy my holiday without having to worry about my cats. With Viola’s service I know that I will never have to worry. Her personalized care for all pets is so unique, Viola is so good with my cats,they love her. I love receiving her daily updates, she never forgets. I am so grateful for your service and will continue to use your service. I will also recommend Viola’s service to all I know who have pets and may need her service. Once again, thank you so much Viola for a fantastic service.”



“We are so grateful for Viola’s qualified and caring services and the great deal of care and personal attention she showed to our dog Tally while we were away for several days. We prefer not to board our dog away from home, and Furrenz Pet Sitters provided exactly the type of care and home sitting service we have been looking for. Tally was able to enjoy the comforts of her own home, continue with her regular routine, and soak up the constant attention, love, and playtime that come with having a human companion around. I doubt she even knew we were gone! We cannot say enough good things about this company and will continue to use Viola’s services in the future.”



“The daily email updates were great – really set my mind at ease. Even received a picture of my cat. If missing/worrying about your cat tends to put a damper on your vacation, it really helps to have these updates to let you relax. Our pet sitter Viola was kind and caring and our cat took to her right away. Thanks again Viola for giving me one less thing to worry about!”



“HUGE THANK U for your lovely msg’s and great care of Bob & Boo this past wkend, U R AWESOME!!!!! We are SO GRATEFUL to have u and look fwd to the next time u can cat sit – we LOVE your EXCELLENT service!!!!”



“Just wanted to send a little note of appreciation for the excellent care Lola’s been receiving. It’s been a pleasure having Viola look after Lola, I can be confident that she’s in good & caring hands, and that I’ll come home to a happy cat. I continue to recommend Viola to friends & colleagues, as I think what you do is really great. So, thank you : )”


Award-Winning Small Animal Sitting Services

Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional small animal care services in Hong Kong has been recognized with several prestigious awards, showcasing our clients’ trust and satisfaction with our services.

We are proud recipients of the Hong Kong Famous Brand Award, the Most Valuable Service Award in Hong Kong, and the Most Outstanding Enterprise Award. These honors highlight our dedication to quality and our leadership in the small animal care sector, underlining our achievements in providing top-tier care for birds, rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals.

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Spotlight on Furrenz’s Small Animal Care

The excellence and dedication of our small animal sitting services have captured the attention of the media. Featured by esteemed outlets such as TVB, Next Media / Next Magazine, Skypost Newspaper, Southside Magazine, and Dogs Magazine, our work with small pets has been highlighted, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of care.

These media features underscore our position as the leading choice for pet owners in Hong Kong looking for dependable small animal care and all kinds of pet sitting needs.

Get Premium Small Pet Care with Furrenz

For exceptional overnight pet care, reach out via our contact form, email us at, or connect on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s discuss how we can ensure your pets are well-cared for with our professional overnight pet sitting services in Hong Kong.

Choose Furrenz Pet Sitters for compassionate, professional care for your small pets, ensuring they receive the best possible attention while you’re away. Our expertise in small animal sitting in Hong Kong makes us the perfect choice for your pet care needs, offering peace of mind and specialized care tailored to each unique pet. For exceptional small animal care, reach out via our contact form, email us at, or connect on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s discuss how we can provide the best care for your small animal friends with our professional sitting services in Hong Kong.

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