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Furrenz Pet Sitters (short for furry friends) was founded by Viola Leung and Philip Chau in 2013. Our mission is to provide Hong Kong pet owners with the most reliable and highest quality pet sitting services, allowing pets to enjoy comfortable family-style care.

We are proud members of Pet Sitters International (PSI), Professional United Pet Sitters (PUPS), and the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE). We have been honored with awards such as Hong Kong Famous Brand Award, the Most Valuable Service Award in Hong Kong, and the Most Outstanding Enterprise Award, affirming our service quality.

We are honoured to have been featured in TVB, Next Media / Next Magazine, Skypost Newspaper, Southside Magazine, Dogs Magazine, and others to share our experiences both with animals and to manage such a business in Hong Kong. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are really proud of what we have started. We continue to strive to improve and provide valuable pet sitting services to pet owners.

Now, with over 20 pet sitters spread across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, we are steadily expanding our professional pet sitting team. When taking care of animals, we treat them as our own precious family members. Each of our pet sitters is a valued member of the Furrenz family, filled with love and a genuine passion for animals. Additionally, we have established close partnerships with 24-hour veterinary clinics and animal hospitals to ensure your pets receive appropriate care under any circumstances.

Our pet sitters would like to greet you and welcome you to contact us anytime through the contact form on this page, social media, or email at info@furrenzpetsitters.com.

Hong Kong Registered Company – 54767480-000-08-13-0

Our Trusted Pet Sitters Team


Hi, this is Viola Leung, Founder and Head of Operations at Furrenz Pet Sitters.
I was born in Hong Kong and spent the past 15+ years in Canada. Since a very young age, I had established an instant connection with animals, and since then I knew right away that I was destined to focus the rest of my career and life to care for animals. I am a proud mother of three wonderful babies – Bobby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi , Chimi the tabby cat, and Fluffy the lionhead bunny, and they are the love of my life. Our pets are such wonderful companions who provide us with unconditional love, and I believe they deserve the same from us, so I set out to provide pets with the best love and care there is.
I have been working with animals most of my life. I spent the recent 5+ years working as a professional Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Doggy Day Care Attendant, as well as Pet Hotel office manager in and outside of Hong Kong. I am also very humbled to have been interviewed by several television and magazine outlets in Hong Kong and Canada, to talk about my experience in the pet sitting field. Having taken care of hundreds of animals of different kinds and breeds, I continue to educate myself. I have obtained the Pet First Aid Certificate, the Veterinary Nursing Certificate (China Hong Kong Veterinarian Association), the Certified Professional Pet Sitter Accreditation (Pet Sitters International), and will continue to learn and strive to be the best in the field in Hong Kong.
I look forward meeting you and your furry babies, and welcome you to the Furrenz family :”)


Hi, this is Philip Chau, Co-Founder of Furrenz Pet Sitters, focusing on Marketing & Sales.
Currently residing in Hong Kong, I was born in Macau and spent most of my recent years in Toronto, Canada.
Having been a pet owner for over 10 years, I have always been fascinated with animals. Being a proud daddy of a dog, a cat, and a bunny, I can spend all day just observing how they behave, their body language, and how they react to people. I am a strong believer of having a well-trained and balanced pet, as well as providing them with a suitable environment where everyone in the household can enjoy each other’s company with respect.
With a background in marketing and research, I see huge opportunity in the pet industry in Hong Kong. Working with Viola to build up the Furrenz Pet Sitters brand and strategy had been a wonderful experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I am excited to continue to introduce and share the concept of pet sitting to pet owners in Hong Kong, to provide them with help they need and the peace of mind that they deserve.


Hello! My name is Mariko. I am Japanese but was born in the US. I grew up being around animals and I loved visiting zoos. When I heard and found out about Furrenz Pet Sitters, I decided to join without a second thought. I am happy I found a place where I could spend time with animals, be able to help people look after their pets, but most importantly be able to provide tender loving care for the pets I come across. It has been such a great experience for me 🙂


Hi. Pet sitting newby here. Joined Furrenz as a pet sitter in 2014 March, have since been earning the trust of our clients, and received positive feedback. Have met all kinds of animal friends since a very young age, of varying breed, age, sex, and size. As you long as you are a furry friend, I look forward to provide lots of love and care!
Hope to be a friend of elephant one day. Haha!


I am an animal lover who has had pets in my life with experience in daily caring for dogs, cats, rabbit and fish, as well as administering medicine and special diet. I am happy to be of assistance for watching your pet(s), walking your dog(s), feeding your cat(s) or whatever your furry friend(s) might need.


Hi, I am Xenia To. It such a pleasure to join Furrenz Pet Sitters.
I owned a Golden Retriever, an Alaskan Husky and a Siberian Husky. However my Golden Retriever and Alaska Husky passed away two years ago and last year due to lymphoma and diabetes respectively. From my dogs, I got experience in taking care pets under chemotherapy and drugs therapy for diabetes.
In January 2014, I had successfully completed a Veterinary Assistant course jointly held by Pets Central Veterinary Academy Limited and HKFYG Continuous Learning Centre. I am going to take a Pets First Aid course in the near future as well.


Hi, my name is Kelsey. Since I was a child, I had always loved animals, and am currently living with 3 poodles. When my friends go to travel, I often help them take care of their cats as well. I remember seeing Furrenz Pet Sitters on TV one day, and thought that this service is such a fantastic news to pet owners.
I joined Furrenz hoping to help take care of owners’ pets while they are away, so they can travel to work or leisure without stress, knowing their little ones are being taken care of.


Hi, my name is Grace, Furrenz’s new member. I have loved animals since I was small and started keeping my first pair of cats in 1996. I have eight cats at home now.

I knew about Furrenz during my trip to Japan in 2014 and I found this pet care `service really thoughtful. It is my honour to join your family. I really hope that you would trust us and let us take care of your pets.


Hi, this is Bowie. Since a very young age, I always loved being around with animals and communicating with them. I currently have 2 poodle boys, have taken care of them since they were babies, and have developed a strong bond and connection with them. I totally understand pet owners’ worry when having to travel and leave their little ones behind. I am very delighted to have the opportunity to join Furrenz as a pet sitter. As a pet owner myself, I totally support and see the value of this type of service. To allow furry friends to stay in the comforts of their own home, this will certainly reduce their stress. When pets are happy, owners are certainly relieved and have peace of mind


Hello everyone, I am Angge, pleasure to join the Furrenz family as pet sitter. Since kindergarten, I have already started encountering animals, and has since grown up with them. I have also had pet turtles, fish, rabbits, birds, and hamsters. Since having my first doggy in high school, we now have 3 dogs at home, all adopted. 12 year old Miniature Pinscher,9 year old Miniature Schnauzer, and 6 year old Samoyed. With 12 years experience taking care of dogs from young age, I treat them like family, and spoil and love them. I look after all of the day to day pet care such as bath time, walking, sickness, medication, nails, ear cleaning, all grooming, I am also quite experiences.
I love animals so much that for my honeymoon we decided to go to south Africa to see wild animals, really really enjoyned it !
Taking care of animals have always been my dream, and it is my pleasure to be able to take care of your little ones !


Lorraine is a pet lover since she’s a kid and playing & living with these fur balls every day is always what she dreamt of. Dogs & cats are her favorite but orangutans & giant panda wins her heart equally. After Lorraine studied the “positive reinforcement” method of dog training about 13 years ago, it really gave her a whole new understanding of how dogs learn and how to see the world from a dog’s perspective. Since then she became a dog trainer in dog behavior training.


Hello! My name is Christine! It is a pleasure to join Furrenz as a pet sitter. I got my first dog when I was five years old, since then I fall in love with animals. I like to play with them and take care of them. I have one cat with me now. I am so looking forward to take care of your lovely pets!


Hi, my name is Yvonne. I am very excited to have the opportunity to join Furrenz. The reason I want to be a pet sitter is because I love animals.

I love being with animals. My first pet is a Budgerigar, then a retired police dog, and 3 mixed-breed dogs. I spent my childhood with them, and they had spent their lifetime accompanying me. In my days with them, I learnt how to get along with then. I played with them, I talked to them. I do grooming, bathing, dog walking, plus taking care of sickness and medication.

I am currently living with a 7 year old British Short Hair, adopt her when she was a 3 month old baby. Because of her (a timid cat), I went to cat’s grooming class, Animal Communication Course, Pet Health Care & First Aid Course, to ensure I can provide her a comfortable home.

I understand how pet owners worry when leaving their baby home alone. I promise, I will treat your little one like family.


Hi, I am April, joined Furrenz to become a pet sitter of this big family, I am very happy and honored! Since childhood, I have loved animals, and my family has 2 cats now (exotic shorthair cat and Persian cat).

My home has another cat whom we adopted for 13 years, she had just passed away due to suffering from kidney disease. After half a year of careful care to her, I learned more thorough pet care as relates to kidney disease, such as feeding medicine and giving subcutaneous fluid, etc. Also, I understand that quality pet care is very important for animals.

I am a person who enjoys taking care of and interacting with animals. I hope that I will be able to provide your pets with the best pet care service


G’day! Let me first tell you a secret – all my best friends have paws.. 😉 This is Harryn, here to give the best care for your beloved family pet. I understand the needs of pets while owners are away from home, because I’m pet owner too. I’m an owner of my adopted 13 year old poodle girl and my just turned 20 year old chinchilla boy.
With my photography and dog walker background and experience in the past years, I love to capture decent moments for animals I’ve come across. I’m also a regular volunteer of one of the rescue dogs Homing Centres in Hong Kong for almost 8 years, I believed I’ve met, care and walked at least half thousand dogs! I’ve since learnt so much practical experiences and skills of taking good care of dogs of different breeds, size, temperament and age, especially older dogs that needs medication and special care.
I’m so going to treat your beloved pets like mine, no stress, trust me, hand me their paws.
P.S. One day wish I get to adopt a mix-breed dog!

Flora Lau

Hello, I am Flora Lau, I am so glad to be a member of Furrenz Pet Sitters! I have been a cat mother for 16 years. I have 5 cats (3 domestic, 2 mixed breeds of long hair) and all of them are over 10 years old.
I have attained the Certificate of Maintenance Massage for Small Animals and Professional cat grooming course held by IPTGA. Apart from being a cat mother at home, I was active in joining volunteer work for LAWC previously and helped their foster dogs do walking.
My previous jobs required a lot of travel, however one of my cat suffered from serious constipation which needs lot of care at the moment, I understand so much how challenging the situation is. What we need is not just a friend or helper, but an experienced pet sitter who can manage to take care of medication, observe and identify issues with “our babies” mentally and physically, and the most important is to let our furry babies know that they are being cared and are not alone. I am so glad I can offer my care to your furry babies when necessary.


Hello ~ My name is Akay. I am a pet owner for more than 12 years and I am now living with 2 dogs at home. I was a volunteer in animal shelters since I was in the secondary school. I loves animals a lot and I had been working in a Veterinary Clinic these years too. Hope I can give you and your pet a wonderful period of time.


Hi my name is Winnie, I am from Hong Kong. I have been around animals since I was 5 years old. Birds, chicken, ducks, turtles, cats and of course dogs.
I was a cabin crew since 1993 until 2021. I have always loveD beING with animals and now is the time for me to fulfil my dream.

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Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting services included

  • Feeding, changing water
  • Daily email updates with pictures of cat
  • Cat Sitter play time with cat
  • Medication Complimentary
  • Clean cat litter box
  • Water plants / pick up mail / take out garbageComplimentary

Pricing for Cat Sitting in HK

  • 30 min – $210
  • 45 min – $230
  • 60 min – $250
  • 90 min – $270
  • 120 min – $290
  • More than 120 min – $290 for first 120 min, $95 for each remaining 60 min
  • Charge is for Cat Sitting up to 2 cats, each additional cat incur $40


– Additional 50% day charge for general public holiday Pet Care Services (exludes normal weekends)
– Travel surcharge – no charge if total return cost under $20, if more charge difference


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Dog Walking / Dog Sitting

Dog Walking / Dog Sitting services included

  • Dog Walker / Dog Sitter exclusive private walk/playtime
  • Daily email updates with pictures of dog
  • Towel rub if wet/muddy
  • Animal medication Complimentary
  • Feed and fresh water
  • Water plants / pick up mail / take out garbageComplimentary
  • Dog poop cleanup

Pricing for Dog Walking / Dog Sitting in HK

  • 15 min potty breaks – $180
  • 30 min – $220
  • 45 min – $240
  • 60 min – $260
  • 90 min – $280
  • 120 min – $300
  • More than 120 min – $300 for first 120 min, $95 for each remaining 60 min
  • Charge is for Dog Sitting up to 2 dogs, each additional dog incur $80


  • – Additional 50% day charge for general public holiday Pet Sitting services (exludes normal weekends)
  • – Travel surcharge – no charge if total return cost under $20, if more charge difference


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Overnight Pet Sitting

(Note that we only offer overnight pet sitting service in your home, and not in a hotel facility)

Overnight Pet Sitting services included

  • Daily Dog Walking
  • Dog poop clean up
  • Pet Sitter play time with dog / cat
  • Daily email updates with pictures of dog / cat
  • Feed & fresh water
  • Constant companion and lots of TLC

Pricing for Overnight Pet Sitting in HK

  • Less than 12 hours (e.g. dinner to breakfast) – $700
  • More than 12 hours (e.g. dinner to lunch) – $800


  • – Additional 50% day charge for general public holiday Dog Sitting / Cat Sitting (exludes normal weekends)
  • – Travel surcharge – no charge if total return cost under $20, if more charge difference


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Small Animal Pet Sitting

Small Animal Pet Sitting services included

  • Feeding, changing water
  • Animal medication Complimentary
  • Pet Sitter play time with pet
  • Water plants / pick up mail / take out garbage Complimentary
  • Daily email updates with pictures of pet

Pricing for Small Animal Pet Sitting in HK

  • 30 min – $160
  • 45 min – $180
  • 60 min – $200
  • 90 min – $220
  • 120 min – $240
  • More than 120 min – $240 for first 120 min, $95 for each remaining 60 min
  • Charge is for Small Animal Sitting up to 2 pets, each additional dog incur $15


  • – Additional 50% day charge for general public holiday Pet Sitting (exludes normal weekends)
  • – Travel surcharge – no charge if total return cost under $20, if more charge difference


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Hong Kong Pet Sitting FAQ

So how does Pet Sitting in Hong Kong work?

While you are away on vacation or business trips, your assigned Pet Sitter (aka Pet Nanny) will come to your home to take care of your beloved little ones in the comfort of their own home. We ensure their basic needs such as water, food, and bathroom cleanliness are met, and we provide them with any medical treatment or special care they need. The Dog Sitter or Cat Sitter also provide them with lots of human interaction to help them feel less lonely, provide playtime to stimulate them, and just to be there to provide lots of TLC (Tender Loving Care). Our Pet Sitters / Dog Walkers are professionally trained, certified in pet first aid, and are truly passionate about caring for animals. We want to ensure that you can enjoy your time away and know that your precious little ones are in good hands.

How do I know for sure that my pet will be ok with the pet sitter?

Your designated Pet Sitter / Dog walker will always conduct an initial consultation session to meet with you and your pet(s) to see how well they react with them. We will observe how they behave and what their little quirks and preferences are. We will only proceed when you truly feel that your pet is comfortable with our Pet Sitters, and this session will always be FREE.

Why not bring my pets to a Pet Hotel or Pet Kennel?

Pets are creatures of routine. Taking them away from their home will introduce unnecessary stress. There are also numerous risks in bringing them to Pet Hotels or Kennels. You never know how your pets will react to other animals, or if fights will occur. Pet Hotels and kennels normally have a large number of other animals, which may overwhelm your pet. There is also risk of transmission of decease from the kennel or via other pets. The process of transporting your pet to a kennel can also be stressful; as some pets can get motion sickness due to the vehicle ride and may sometimes feel that you are abandoning them rather than just leaving home for a short period of time.

Why not hire a domestic helper instead of a pet sitter?

Domestic helpers may be slightly more affordable, but they are not professionally trained to care for animals. Our Dog Sitters / Cat Sitters are all professionally trained, have years of experience with animals and are truly passionate about the well-being of animals. We are also certified in pet first aid, members of international pet sitting organizations, and know how to handle specific scenarios to ensure your pet is safe. There are numerous reports of dog fights with domestic helpers as handlers as they are not trained to prevent fights or detect negative energy or signs. Many are often distracted while chatting on the phone and not 100% focused on your pets. This can post danger to your pets, other pets, and other people.

How do I know my pet is doing fine?

Your assigned Pet Sitter / Dog Walker will provide daily updates with pictures via email to let you know how your dog / cat / pet is doing. This is FREE.

How will the pet sitter access my home?

Your Pet Sitter / Dog Walker / Cat Sitter will require you to provide us with a set of keys to access your home. We normally keep the keys on file unless requested to be returned.

How do I know I can trust the pet sitter to enter my home?

We fully understand that it is not common to let strangers enter your home. Our Pet Sitters are professionals and have been doing this for years. Our priority is to ensure your pets are in good care. Through the initial consultation, you will be able to meet our dog / cat sitters and determine whether you are comfortable with them coming into your home. It is important that you feel 100% comfortable with our pet care service, otherwise our consultation session will still be FREE of charge if you decide not to use our service.

What if my pet is ill while I’m away?

Our top priority is your pet’s well-being, so if your pet is ill, we will take them to the veterinarian of your choice, other veterinarians closest to your home, or 24 hour emergency pet hospital if after hours. Your Pet Sitter will make every effort to contact you at the earliest convenience and will keep you posted constantly on the status of your pet.

What if I need to cancel the service due to change of plans?

If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the first pet service, we will provide you with a full refund. If it is within 48 hours of the service, we are not able to provide a refund, as our Pet Sitters / Dog Walkers would have already reserved their time for the service, in place of other clients.

How do I pay?

We accept Cash, Cheques, Bank Transfers, Paypal for our pet care services


The Animal Emergency Centre

Tel : 2915 7979 http://www.animalemergency.com.hk

The Animal Emergency Centre is Hong Kong’s only dedicated emergency referral service and after hours clinic. Operating out of the East Island Animal Hospital premises, the AEC opens from 9pm to 8am every day of the year including CNY and during typhoons. As well as looking after emergencies of every description, the AEC provide patient monitoring for critically ill patients and will give advice to worried pet owners over the phone.

Creature Comforts

Tel : 9773 0372 http://www.creaturecomforts.com.hk

Creature Comforts is Hong Kong’s premier veterinary housecall service. Offering veterinary housecalls as well as pet food and medicine deliveries. Creature Comforts is the only housecall service that also provides patient transport to and from their own 24 hospital with full surgical, laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound and hospitalisation capabilities. No matter what the situation, Creature Comforts can provide the solution.

East Island Animal Hospital

Tel : 2915 3999 http://eastislandvets.com.hk

East Island Animal Hospital is a large, fully equipped veterinary hospital situated at Eastern HK Island. Services include soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory, dentistry, acupuncture and hospitalisation as well as regular health checks and vaccinations. All staff are very caring and highly trained. East Island Animal Hospital is open 7 days a week.


Tel : 3008 5650 http://www.petproject.hk

PetProject.HK brings the pet superstore to your computer. With easy returns and free shipping over $200 (to HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories), there’s no need to carry heavy bags of food from the store to your home. We are proud to offer the best food, treats and toys from manufacturers around the globe brought to your home or office, with delivery that fits your busy schedule. We also carry an outstanding selection of natural and organic products for even the most discerning pet owner.
PetProject.HK offers delivery to your door, no-hassle 30 day returns, a rock-solid best price guarantee, outstanding customer support and a website so easy to use, you might come home and find your dog placing an order. Give us a try today, you (and your pets) will be glad you did!

Happy Hongkongers


Happy Hongkonger is your one-stop-shop for the information you need to fully appreciate the wonders of Hong Kong.
They explore the city daily to find the finest resources, vendors, and service providers Hong Kong has to offer. This can range from restaurants right down to plumbers – they try and review just about everything under the sun here!


We used Furrenz pet sitters service while we were away on our business trip for 24 days. We were very happy with her professionalism and care, detail update everyday with photos/ video. Our cats look great with no stressed when we back home. I recommend Furrenz Pet sitters to anyone in need!


We felt our two bunnies were in professional and caring hands during our holiday. The updates and pictures made us happy every evening. It will be easy to trust Furrenz Pet Sitters again next time we’re away.


You can trust Viola, she does a great work and i will call her again next time i’ll go in holidays!


Our sweet Brenda we miss you thank you so much Furrenz Pet Sitters for taking such a great care of our furry baby.


Very thankful this few days your attentive care for them


I found Furrenz Pet Sitters online. And the response was very fast from the founder Viola, who is totally hand-on. She managed to find me a lovely girl Ms Chloe to dog sit my dog. I feel she loves dog very much and she is very entertained herself in sitting and playing with my dog. And I also love the fact that the dogsitter constantly sent me pictures of my dogs while playing, sleeping and walking. It keeps me knowing the interaction of the dogsitter with my dog. I would have no hesistation to recommend Furrenz Pet Sitters to any friends who would like the peace of mind of his/ her dog being looked after and pampered and loved while he/she is away to work or holiday. And the dog is not under any stress as no need to move to a unfamiliar environment like dog hotel.


Thanks Viola so much for looking after Prince and Winter while we were out for trip. This was the first time we left the two cats for consecutive days. We could fully enjoy our time without worrying Prince and Winter. We were so delighted to see that they were in good mood and our apartment was in good shape when we returned home. I am sure they had a good time with you.


I’m so happy Furrenz Pet Sitters were able to take care of Tuna and Mo Sun Sun while we were away on our trip. Tuna and Mo Sun Sun eats wet food, they are slow eaters (takes more than half an hour), and would want to eat each others’ food (Tuna eats veterinary prescribed food), so Viola would need to watch over them while they eat. In addition, Tuna needs to take medication twice everyday, and both of their eyes and mouths need to be wiped clean as it tends to get dirty easily. A lot of effort and patience are needed in order to take care of them. I’ve spent a lot of time researching for a pet sitter and I’m so glad I finally found Furrenz Pet Sitters. The most important thing is they can come twice a day and can choose 90 mins per visit. While on our trip Viola would always send us updates with pictures, so we can totally relax and enjoy our time away. I’m surprised to receive one of the pictures show them with their bellies up, proving that they are really comfortable with Viola and has taken care of them well. We also found our place clean and in good shape when we got back. I’m really happy and satisfied with their service.

Jenny and Zoe

“Just wanted to say Huge Thanks to Viola for looking after my babies Dash and Tish. It is so nice to be able to enjoy my holiday without having to worry about my cats. With Viola’s service I know that I will never have to worry. Her personalized care for all pets is so unique, Viola is so good with my cats,they love her. I love receiving her daily updates, she never forgets. I am so grateful for your service and will continue to use your service. I will also recommend Viola’s service to all I know who have pets and may need her service. Once again, thank you so much Viola for a fantastic service.”


“We are so grateful for Viola’s qualified and caring services and the great deal of care and personal attention she showed to our dog Tally while we were away for several days. We prefer not to board our dog away from home, and Furrenz Pet Sitters provided exactly the type of care and home sitting service we have been looking for. Tally was able to enjoy the comforts of her own home, continue with her regular routine, and soak up the constant attention, love, and playtime that come with having a human companion around. I doubt she even knew we were gone! We cannot say enough good things about this company and will continue to use Viola’s services in the future.”


“The daily email updates were great – really set my mind at ease. Even received a picture of my cat. If missing/worrying about your cat tends to put a damper on your vacation, it really helps to have these updates to let you relax. Our pet sitter Viola was kind and caring and our cat took to her right away. Thanks again Viola for giving me one less thing to worry about!”


“HUGE THANK U for your lovely msg’s and great care of Bob & Boo this past wkend, U R AWESOME!!!!! We are SO GRATEFUL to have u and look fwd to the next time u can cat sit – we LOVE your EXCELLENT service!!!!”


“Just wanted to send a little note of appreciation for the excellent care Lola’s been receiving. It’s been a pleasure having Viola look after Lola, I can be confident that she’s in good & caring hands, and that I’ll come home to a happy cat. I continue to recommend Viola to friends & colleagues, as I think what you do is really great. So, thank you : )”




Whether you want to book our pet sitting services now or just want to get a basic understanding of what we offer, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us:


  • Email: info@furrenzpetsitters.com
  • Facebook: furrenzpetsitters
  • Instagram: furrenzpetsitters
  • LinkedIn: furrenz-pet-sitters


Interested in joining our pet sitters family? Please email your resume to us at: info@furrenzpetsitters.com


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